Last night I was running on the border of the Peak District in the dark after work. Uphill and downhill, loving every second of it. And then I remembered – it’s been two years since I started blogging about my preparation for the Original Mountain Marathon (OMM), which means GeekintheHills is two years’ old!

Since I started writing I’ve done a few things that I wouldn’t have expected when I first started this…

  • I’ve raced, a lot, off-road and on-road (10k, half marathons, marathons)
  • I’ve done triathlons, starting with a sprint tri, up to Olympic and on to 70.3 distance
  • I’ve climbed higher than before – in the Alps, Alaska and Morocco
  • I’ve fallen into a crevasse (I still haven’t written about that!)
  • I’ve swum further than I ever thought I could (2+ km open water this year)
  • I’ve travelled to over a dozen countries in the pursuit of outdoor adventure
  • I’ve beaten all my existing PBs and set new ones. In fact this year every race has been a PB!
  • I learnt to ice climb
  • I’ve run trails as far away as Hong Kong and up and down mountains in China
  • I’ve coached friends to achieve new PBs

And from all this, I’ve realised – there’s still so much more to achieve!

Writing about my adventures has helped to shape the events I do and it keeps me looking for new challenges. I’ve just had three long weeks of self-prescribed rest with light exercise after a full season of races ending with the Berlin Marathon. Now I’m starting to think about 2013 winter escapades and my 2014 race calendar is starting to fill up nicely.

Thanks to all you readers – you keep me writing and some of you have truly inspirational blogs. The next year of GeekintheHills shall see me pushing my training up a level to race faster and harder, competing in more marathons, a full Ironman, cyclosportives, more mountain climbing and continuing this journey of self-discovery… stay tuned in!

Keep pushing your limits


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