What a glorious day. Huge crowds, perfect cool running weather, blue skies, no wind and a flat course. Right from the start line I was feeling strong and just soaked up the atmosphere.

I ran the first half with people at a similar pace, trying out a new split approach where you race the first half of the marathon faster than the second half.

I felt strong and the bands, cheering crowds and other runners on the course kept me going. About 18 miles in I started to get tunnel vision so I wolves down half a banana, an energy gel and water on the go to top up my blood sugar level.

I ran the final twelve kilometres with surgical accuracy – timing every kilometre to the second to make sure I made up for slowing down early, and to make sure I hit my target. I was a little bit overcome with emotion in the final two kilometres as I realised my training had paid odd and I was going to achieve my desired time.

The result – a new PB and a fantastic sense of achievement! Oh, and some of Berlin’s finest beer 🙂


Keep running!

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