I love finding a good running trail. This evening I was in Alderley Edge and found a whole new selection of short running routes in a beautiful wooded section, with spectacular evening views over the Cheshire plains below.

It’s been a good few weeks during which I’ve made the most of the summer evenings – outdoor trad climbing, trail runs, outdoor swimming, hills to run up in the evenings, dusting off my road bike for a blast and this weekend sea kayaking off the coast of the Isle of Wight.

I’ve even been inspired to commit to a few more events and expeditions, but more on those in later posts. Suffice to say some of the planning has begun for expeditions as far off as 2015 and I’ve started learning Mandarin for a much more imminent exped into China. Well, all this should give me good fodder to write about!

Keep striving!

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