A couple of friends signed up for the NSPCC Milton Keynes half marathon this coming Sunday and invited me to sign up. As it seemed like a sensible build-up to the Berlin marathon in September, I thought “why not?”

I’ve not been getting out for long runs often enough, since I am also doing swim training plus I’m really enjoying climbing. However, last Tuesday my team managed to place first in a little 1.5 hour orienteering event that my local club put on, so I shouldn’t be too concerned about stamina. I should be more concerned about being out at a gig the night before (Mumford & Sons), but there’s still a possibility that I’ll get six hours’ sleep before catching the train to Milton Keynes.

I’m thinking of trying a negative split race strategy on the day – starting the first 3 miles about 10 seconds slower than desired average race pace, then cruise the next 8 miles at average race pace, then pick it up for the final two miles. I’ve not tried this before, but there’s a bit of clever science behind it. Let’s forget fancy terms like ‘cardiac drift’, but let’s consider the simple psychology – in the last two miles this strategy should have me accelerating past many people with whom I had been running for the last 8 miles, that’s got to be a great mental booster!

I’ll try to get a post race review up, and I still want to get a photo or two from last weekend’s sea kayaking off the Isle of Wight to the Needles, the view, the weather and the swell were spectacular.

Keep running!


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