Most of this year has been focused on cycling, with a few notable successes, but my running has been lackluster.

I’m now working through a 10k running training plan, which I started in October. Nothing too gimmicky, just regular training, often at recovery pace. In late October, just a few weeks in, I entered a 10k race and put a few weeks of training into practice. On an exceptionally cold Saturday morning, I placed myself based on heart rate, focusing on just three things: breath, posture and cadence. I crossed the line in 11th position Not bad going I thought, I wonder where another five weeks training will leave me?

This Sunday is the main event – the annual Tatton Yule Yomp, now in its tenth year, based in Tatton Park, Cheshire. I’ve negotiated work deadlines and early Christmas parties to keep the training mostly on track. I’ve even spent time in the treadmill in altitude chambers when I’ve felt a twinge but still wanted a cardio workout without too much strain on my knees (okay, *some* of my training has been gimmicky).

I know there will be some very fast club runners out on this mixed trail and road race, but I am hoping to put in a respectable time, as long as I remember breath, posture, cadence.

Keep running

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