Happy new year everyone! I hope you partied well and de-stressed from the usual 9-5 rat race, without ending up out of shape!

The end to my 2015 was an interesting one – thousands of miles in work travel at the start of December, as well as the obligatory Christmas parties. I had anticipated all this, so had booked myself a trip up to Fort William in the Highlands for a week to do some winter mountaineering, and was pleased with the outcome (despite the temperature rising from -5c to +15c whilst I was there, stripping the mountains bare of snow!) The long days were also intensive and I happily lost some of the excess festive weight I’d gained in the previous couple of weeks. I’ll write more on my Highlands winter mountaineering in another post.


Descending after a morning of micro-navigation in the Highlands

I maintained my run streak, which I started on 1st November 2015. I had planned to keep it going till New Year’s Eve, but it’s become a habit and I seem to be restless now until I’ve done a run each day! In my first consecutive 62 days of running I’ve run in cities, in between work meetings, on beaches, through countryside, in rain, dark, cold, sun, warmth or wind.


Running along shores of Lough Neagh, late December 2015

My last race of the season was a 10k cross-country race – the Tatton Yule Yomp. It’s one I do most years and I once again chipped away at my finish time for a personal course record. I also finished first in my running club, but we didn’t quite make the podium. That’s two races this year where I’ve finished first in my running club – I’m pleased with that!

I received an early Christmas present on Christmas Eve – a private spin session on a Wahoo Kickr, linked to a SufferFest cycling video. This was hosted at Northern Ireland’s mellowVELO Community Bike Shop. This was a good reminder that my bike training officially starts now it’s 2016 – I’ve got to put some serious miles in this winter so I come out strong by springtime.


mellowVELO bikes

Looking to the future, my year has some painful endurance events including a double marathon distance run in South Africa, an Ironman and a 69 mile run in England. I’m planning on getting back to Pilates to stay injury-free throughout, whilst keeping my training varied so I don’t burn out or lose focus. The ultramarathons are a step up from what I’m used to (to date I’ve not done more than 30-35 miles running in one day), so my first big one in May will be a good test of what I’m made of!

Whatever your plans and resolutions are for 2016, all the best and I hope you meet your goals!

Keep training

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