From the Llyn Peninsula south of Anglesey in North Wales, to the summit of Snowdon, highest mountain in England and Wales. This was the running route that one of my friends came up with over a year ago. Last year’s attempt was washed out by hazardous weather conditions. This year, the weather’s far from ideal, but it’s looking possible.

Fast Facts:

  • 29 miles (47 km), 3400 metres (11,000 feet) ascent, running off road, in a day. Plus descending Snowdon at the end of it.
  • Saturday 15th June 2013.
  • 13 lucky runners.
  • No specific training (all regular runners though)
  • Weather forecast : 30-35mph winds on the summits, rain, small risk of lightning, intermittent cloud.

If I survive tomorrow, I will feel prepared for my upcoming half marathon! I’ll let you know how we get on.

Keep running!

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