I travel a lot, but I don’t often do “relaxing” holidays. Between training for Race Across America in June and everyday work stresses, the last thing I expected to be doing this month was going on a relaxing holiday. A cycling training camp in Tenerife seemed more likely. But it happened, at short notice about a month ago – I was invited and agreed to head to Thailand to relax.

I landed in Phuket and spent time there, in and around Chiang Mai and the Phi Phi islands, over the course of nine days.

Ornate bells within a temple, Chiang Mai

I ate well, unwound, and did the touristy sightseeing thing. But I was a bit restless, so I did several swimming sessions in the hotels’ pools. And I did a jungle trek. And walked up a couple of hills outside of Chiang Mai and on Phi Phi. And white water rafted. And swam and snorkelled in the sea. And sea kayaked. And played water polo. I even rescued someone who’d fallen overboard from their raft, had hurt their back on rocks and was stuck in the white water, getting them further downstream and out of harm’s way.

View back down to Ao Tonsai, Phi Phi islands

So yes, a relaxing holiday… Now to get back to serious training!
Keep challenging yourself


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