I can count the days till I fly to San Diego for the start of the four man relay Race Across America. Training for it has been my sole race focus since January. It took me a long time to get into a set training regime and acquire the right kit. There was even a while when I was having nightmares about the race, but I now feel ‘in the zone’!

I have a new bike – an Orbea Orca M20 Pro (2017), and it feels great. I have a new Wahoo Kickr (version 1). I have a new Garmin cadence monitor. I have a new love – a piece of software called Trainer Road which works with the Wahoo and Garmin sensor. The results I am seeing are great!


Mmm, shiny new bike!

My training regime replicates what I’ll be doing during RAAM – alternating an hour on the bike and an hour off the bike. I’m working at percentages of my Functional Threshold Power (FTP) using Wahoo’s in-built power meter. At first it was hard work; even an hour indoors was monotonous, but Trainer Road has varied workouts that keep in interesting. I’ve positioned the bike and turbo trainer at a viewing angle of a 200 inch projector and have found that streaming videos of high speed cycling videos off Youtube keeps me motivated, whilst overlaying audio tracks through Spotify. I’ve even set up a second turbo trainer facing the screen and a friend who’s training for his first Ironman triathlon joins me for a session once a week. Between the video footage and the playlists that match the various effort levels, there’s enough distraction to keep me entertained for the hours I now spend on the bike indoors. I even take song requests whilst riding!

I never thought I’d say this, but the hardest bit is forcing myself to take rest days! Whatever you’re training for, keep challenging yourself and keep it interesting.

Keep riding



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