Since the start of this year I’ve been training for the Race Across America. Being based now in central London, I’ve had challenges getting out riding over the winter due to darkness, poor weather and stop-start traffic.  

I decided that one of the ways that I could get faster on the bike is by dropping some unnecessary weight. Thus began a mission of portion control, more regular exercise and a dash of self-discipline. I mixed up short bursts of high intensity activity with days of longer steadier runs and bike rides.

On the food front, I still eat burgers and fries from time to time, but my portions and the overall quality of the food I’m eating has improved. I’ve even rekindled my love of cooking.

Curly kale crisps anyone? (OK… These arent cooked yet!)

I’ve actually lost more weight than planned and have overshot my target weight in the last couple of weeks, so I’m happily increasing my meal sizes and making sure I get enough protein so I don’t lose muscle mass. I’m sure over the next couple of months I’ll have to keep checking the weighing scales, but so far this weight loss should make me zippier on the bike!

Keep training


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