It will humble you. That’s what “izokuthoba” means, and it’s an apt theme for the 91st Comrades Marathon in 2016. What on earth have I just signed up for?!


So far my 2016 race calendar looks like this:

January 2016
Buff Winter Trail Wales, Half Marathon

March 2016
Might Deerstalker, Rat Race (~10 mile obstacle course)

April 2016
Great Lakeland 3 Day (3 day staged trail race. I’ve not yet entered but my action shot’s on the website so I feel obliged!)

May 2016
Dirty Weekend, Rat Race (20 mile, 200 obstacles)
Comrades Marathon (~56 miles, Down run, under the African sun… Sizzle!)

May 2016
The Wall, Rat Race (69 mile ultra from Carlisle to Gateshead, then a night oot on the Toon)

July 2016
Ironman Switzerland (Full IM, Zurich)

August 2016
London Rat Race (half marathon)

September 2015
Man V Mountain (20 miles, Snowdonia)
Coast to Coast (105 mile run, bike & kayak across Scotland, non-stop)
Sandman Triathlon Savage (sprint distance on the Saturday, full on Sunday. Sea swim, Anglesey)

Keep racing!

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