I did something good last weekend. I convinced seven friends to start a run streak together with me. Not the “let’s take our clothes off and run across a crowded place” type of streak, but the one where you decide to run, every day.

My friends are scattered across the UK, some are moderately keen runners, some reluctant, some with young families and/or commiting jobs to factor in. But they were all keen to run from the start of November till the end of the year. Every day, come rain or shine (or snow), whether they’ve had a 14 hour work day, baby up all night or if they’re down with the cold. On Christmas day and the day after the office party. We’ve even set up a group on WhatsApp to check in with each other and motivate each other.

We’re not masochists, but it seems like such a good idea to embed running into your daily lives, whether it’s just to the shops, as part of your commute, whilst dinner’s in the oven, first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Just a mile or more a day, I probably spend longer than that just procrastinating before lacing up my shoes!

My first run was yesterday morning before breakfast. I was aiming for a modest 1-2 miles, but once I was out the door and in my local country park I happily plodded for over four miles, enjoying the scenery and not feeling pressured to run at any particular place or for any significant distance. I felt good about myself, because I knew that around the UK, seven other people were rolling out of bed (4 out of us were hungover!) and going for a run, even if it’s just to the cinema!


Unexpected obstacles on day one of my run streak!

If you know anyone who’s done a run streak for more than a month, let me know, similarly if you’re planning on starting one. Why not start today?!

Keep running

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