I have just disembarked a plane at Dubai airport en route to Hong Kong, the start of my China trip. My bag weighs 10 kilos, including camera, standard first aid provisions, plenty of electrolytes, running shoes, sun hat, venom extraction kit, extended battery power charger, water bladder and a a few changes of clothes (including some respectable clothing for when I pretend to be a high roller in Macau!). Most of these items are for further in my travels, once I’m off the beaten track and away from cities. There’s a part of Hunan I’m planning on adventuring in that has plenty of snakes, and I’m not the best at identifying of pacifying them!

My plan is to spend my first two nights in Hong Kong, a night in Macau, hop into mainland China spending a night in Shenzhen, then head inland in search of mountains and adventure. There are some hills round the back of Shenzhen that could be interesting. I call them hills but Wu Tong is almost the height of Snowdon. From Shenzhen I will take a high speed train on to Changsha in Hunan. From there I will head to Zhangjiajie which will hopefully provide the most unusual mountainous formations. My itinerary is loosely held together around countryside, hills and food.

Right, time to board… More updates soon.

Keep travelling!

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