I spent the weekend in Glencoe with friends, running in the hills, bagging munroes and getting buffeted by wind and rain whilst charging along the ridges. It was great!

It’s a spectacular part of the country; even the drive up from Glasgow is beautiful. One of my friends taught me the virtue of patience whilst driving up the narrow and often slow A82 road to Glencoe. Once you accept you’re not getting anywhere in a hurry you can start to appreciate the beauty of the countryside you’re driving through.

In five days I shall be on my way to China. There are mountains in Hunan that I’m keen to climb, though my local tourism contact is struggling to fathom to understand why someone would travel halfway round the world to perform strenuous exercise in 40+ degree Celsius and high humidity. Especially when some of the mountains have tarmac roads going to the top and one even has a glass elevator up the side!

Keep climbing!

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