I’ve spent the last few days back in the Pirin Mountains in southern Bulgaria. I was out skiing and getting more familiar with the mountain range now that I have committed to the Pirin Ultra in October.

Stopping to look at the trickle that is the River Glazne in winter

I have to confess, I’n not a great skiier! My mountaineering instinct when descending a mountain has always been to lean towards the mountain, which I keep getting told is the wrong way to ski. Apparently my weight should be on the downhill leg with your downhill shoulder dropped so that you are facing away from the mountain and weighted away as well. However, practice makes perfect, and if I get the the “competent” stage of being a skier, I can then consider some skiing-based adventures.

Never stop learning!


PS – apologies for prematurely publishing a photo with no text for context!

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