I’m years late in posting some of my photographs. Here’s the first one, from circa May 2012. Click on it for it to be rendered in full size.


Kahiltna Glacier, Denali, Alaska, USA

The photograph is a panoramic of the lower glacier on Denali, Alaska. Our rope team were stopped for a break, which we took approximately once an hour. The glacier reflected solar radiation, baking us in the process during the day. Temperatures would hover in the twenties (Celsius), whilst we had to remain fully kitted to avoid sunburn and to protect us in the event that one of us fell into a crevasse, or if the weather changed. On some days we would experience temperature changes of about 50 degrees Celsius as the sun set, and you could hear the crackling sound of ice crystals forming. On another day, I fell into a crevasse whilst roped up, and spent the best part of an hour in the icy blue/black subterranean void waiting to be hauled out… but that’s another story.

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