A couple of years ago I decided to run every day from 1st November through till the end of the year. I extended this suggestion to several friends too. The only requirement was that it had to be a minimum of a mile. We kept in touch via a WhatsApp group as we were geographically dispersed. A few of us succeeded despite the challenges of festive season socialising: I recall one day when I had a packed schedule I ended up running round Belfast city centre in brogues in the freezing cold whilst my friends were oblivious back at the bar.

This year one of my friends suggested doing it again, and this time there are more of us. Having been the original instigator more than two years ago, I felt obliged to get involved once more.

Night trail running

Most of us are 19 days in. Some have longer streaks, others have missed some days, but we’ve been supportive (better to run five days in a week than to stop just because you missed a couple!) I prefer this approach to our last endeavour which was more ‘last man standing’ rather than encouraging everyone to run more regularly.

As we approach the season of work parties and festive excesses, let’s hope we can stick with the run streak!

Keep running

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