​North High Camp, Elbrus, Russia, Wednesday 17 August 2016:

We’re higher on the mountain now – high camp at 3700 metres, at the edge of the glacier. Accommodation is a collection of metal huts – they were baking hot in the sun earlier today and they’re still naturally warm now that it’s nighttime.

The walk up was pleasant and I resisted the urge to go speeding off, in favour of a slower ascent to aid my acclimatisation.

I’m amazed that the daytime temperature up here was warm enough for me to bounce around in shorts, rolled up merino wool top and flip flops.

I assisted the camp staff do a load carry of food supplies that had been helicoptered in to the far side of the glacier, bringing the supplies back to camp. I’m feeling strong and am not suffering from altitude sickness (I normally don’t adjust well).

Tomorrow we’ll be on the glacier, brushing up on movent on the glacier as multiple rope teams. The following day should see us heading up 1000 metres to Lenz Rocks then returning to high camp. Then the following evening, the long summit day. I’ll be happier once we’ve been up to Lenz Rocks without incident, but in the meantime it’s all about going slow, eating, drinking litres of water and resting.

I can literally see the summit; hopefully within 96 hours I’ll be stood on it.

Keep aiming high



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