I’m ready to go, to Ironman Zurich, straight out the door…

ironman kit 2016

Kit laid out (excluding bike and shoes!)

My bike is bagged, as is the rest of my kit. A few friends have queried the baby food in the photo – it’s emergency food, if I wake on the morning of the Ironman with a nervous stomach, or if half way round my stomach does not want another single energy gel!

I’ve not written a post in a while, partially due to a busy few weeks and when I did try writing a post, the app didn’t successfully save my draft (this happened three times!) So here’s my update!

Tomorrow I fly to Zurich for my second Ironman. I feel woefully underprepared for the swim, but the cut-off is 2 hours 20 minutes, which is plenty of time to splash about for 2.4 miles! Then there’s the relatively flat 112 mile bike course and a marathon run afterwards. No worries.

In the last few weeks, since I wrote at length about my Comrades run, I’ve done a couple of Rat Race events. There was ‘The Wall’, a 69 mile ultramarathon from Carlisle to Newcastle, and there was ‘Man v Lakes’, a 26.2 mile run with water obstacles around the Lake District. I’ve also suffered from shin splints since ‘The Wall’.

How do I think I’ll get on on Sunday at Ironman Zurich? I think it will be hot so lots of water and electrolytes needed. I think I’ll float about the swim (i.e. slowly), pull back some time on the bike, have a lazy couple of transitions, and hopefully have enough in the tank to do a respectable run time (by my standards at least).

Time shall tell…

Keep racing!




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