It’s been far too long since I’ve uploaded a blog post here. I blame Twitter – I only signed up for it a couple of months ago (@GeekintheHills) and since then its been all too easy to write very short updates and post photos.

But that’s not why I started this blog. I started to write about my exploits and to help me, more than anyone else, visualise the challenges I set myself. Nothing focuses you on a goal quite like broadcasting to the world that you’ve just set yourself a particular goal.

So, going back to basics, here are my mountaineering goals for the next 18-24 months:

Summit Mt Blanc
Summit Mt Meru
Summit Kili (Western Breach) and run down
Summit Kinabalu (fully clothed, to avoid some of the hassle recent folk experienced when stripping off on it!)
Recce Mt Sudarshan

Let’s see how the list above goes, before I consider Carstenz…

As for other sporting events, I have a marathon lined up later this year (Amsterdam), I have a significant cycle coming up (yes I’m being purposefully vague) and I plan on padding out the rest of the 2015 calendar with a few triathlons and a half marathon or two.

There, I’ve stuck it online so the world knows my plans. Now to get training!

Keep climbing

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