It’s rapidly approaching race day for Man V Horse. The 22 mile course would be a challenge in itself, even without the cumulative 2000 metre ascent and same again in descent. Add 60 horses charging behind you and that’s one hell of a course!

Training has gone well despite a couple of minor setbacks. One final long hilly run this weekend, then I’ll start to taper for the race itself.

It will be a completely different race from my last one – the London marathon. Out on the course I imagine the route will be sparsely attended by crowds due to the rural location. The terrain will vary and I expect some steep and possibly technical sections too, so my running pace will have to adjust to the terrain. On the London marathon I didn’t have to consider four legged competitors either. Honestly, I have no idea what to expect on the day!

Will man beat horse in this year’s event? Time shall tell…

Keep running

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