I woke this morning from an unsatisfactory sleep, still in a bit of a grump with myself for my performance at the East Leake triathlon last Sunday. In atrocious weather, I did not get a PB (nor a PW), but was disappointed as I had anticipated a better result.

That’s two races in two weekends where I had not fared as well as I’d hoped. [Yes I acknowledge I can be a bit hard on myself. After all, I got a PB in one and improved my overall position in the other, but there’s nothing wrong with putting yourself under a bit of pressure!]

Feeling a bit sorry for myself, I cast aside my usual nutritious breakfast smoothie and scoffed chocolate digestives on the way to work. By lunchtime I’d bought cream cakes for the whole department and was determined to eat more than my share, with the logic that my training and nutrition clearly wasn’t working so what difference could it make.

Then a most surprising thing happened – I got an email from a company who had been searching for a few athletes to sponsor… And they’d chosen me! Sure, I’d filled in my details a few weeks ago and hit send, but I hadn’t expected to make the final cut, let alone get selected.

So there I was, chocolate eclair in one hand, with an email confirming that I am now a sponsored athlete in the other. If ever there was motivation for me to get back on the training wagon, this was it!

I’m not 100% what the sponsorship details shall entail; all I know is that there’s peanut butter in the post and next week I’ll be getting mentored by none other than British Olympic heptathlete Kelly Sotherton. For now, you may call me Peanut Butter Man!

Keep racing

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