Last Sunday was my first race of the year. I wrote this post in my head whilst running around, on a mile by mile basis. Here it is!

-1 Miles: Pre-race. I can’t find any members of my running group. Better keep moving so I don’t cool down too much. My leg muscles are SORE from doing the Snowdon Horseshoe yesterday.

0 Miles: How close should I stand to the Elite runners? Don’t want to be presumptuous, but also don’t want to have to squeeze past hundreds of fun runners. Shoe laces tied? Check. GPS lock? Check. Good to go!

1 Mile: Ow, this isn’t coming easy to me. At least I’ve run past the car park and my car is still there!

2 Miles: What a lovely day for a run. Shame that every step sends my leg muscles screaming. Plus my lower back is sore from yesterday’s mountain endeavours. Must just tune that out that pain. No, I will not stop and pull over.

3 Miles: These countryside lanes are lovely. Plus I’ve settled into a steady, if not slightly slower than hoped, pace. Must… ignore… the pain…

5 Miles: Road cyclists? Telling runners in the race to stay to the left? On a closed road course?! How did they even get onto the course? Did the 4500 runners on the course plus the 300 marshals, plus police and cheering crowds not give the game away? Fortunately, another runner chose to expend their breath clarifying the situation, resulting in a sheepish apology from the cyclists.

6 Miles: Almost half way, but remember the second half will hurt more. At least my back muscles have stopped complaining. I may as well keep plodding along – I may be the fastest runner in my club at this race so best give it my all.

8 Miles: No shortage of water stops for a half marathon. I’m not even that thirsty! I’m starting to see the same runners over and over as we overtake each other.

10 Miles: I’m glad I am familiar with the course, otherwise the sneaky uphills would really demotivate me. My legs are so heavy.

11 Miles: Ah, only fifteen or so minutes to go. What’s for lunch? I’m in the mood for a Sunday roast. Better not let the pace drop though.

12 Miles: This is in the bag. It’s not going to be a PB, but I can still get a respectable time.

13 Miles: Constant acceleration – sprint finish to the end!

13.1 Miles: Phew, it’s over! Thanks for the goody bag and medal. Ah, turns out I’m only the second fastest runner in my club today, but at least I pushed myself. Turns out I got a personal course record at least. And best of all, my legs are less sore now than in the first mile!

Keep pushing yourself!


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