I’ve just returned from my enforced holiday – I booked it months ago at the height of my Ironman training to ensure that I got one trip away that was not related to a racing or mountaineering. I did have a plan whilst in Istanbul to symbolically run from Europe to Asia and back, but it turns out the bridges than span the two continents have been restricted to pedestrians for a few years (with the exception of the Istanbul marathon). It’s been good to get a bit of downtime, and I have put together a modest race calendar for the rest of 2014….

A bike shop filled to the rafters in Istanbul

A bike shop filled to the rafters in Istanbul

First up, the Great North Run in early September. It’s a half marathon distance event, which I PB’ed on last year, but I’ve improved my PB twice since. I don’t fancy my chances at improving my PB as it’s in less than three weeks and I haven’t done any serious running in several weeks. I may volunteer to pace a friend to their PB.

Secondly, I may enter a late season triathlon. I got a respectable position at the Nantwich-based Cheshire early season triathlon, so I thought I may push myself to improve my standing at the upcoming September Cheshire triathlon, though I don’t want to enter and have a poor performance. I’ve really missed a trick this season- it turns out that I am in great shape for sprint and Olympic distance triathlons after my first Ironman, and had I planned my race calendar better, I could be setting PBs on both those distances late this season.

Third, the Born Survivor marathon, also in September. This is a novel undertaking- I don’t take these courses too seriously so it should be a fun day out with a friend, beating ourselves round the course. My friend does adventure races at GB level- no pressure! I’m intrigued as to whether these long distance muddy obstacle courses will take off in a big way. Based on what I’ve seen over the last few years, the crowds who attend Tough Mudder style events aren’t the same who regularly do marathons.

Fourth, not a race but my first weekend training stint late September in preparation for Aconcagua. I’ll be somewhere in Scotland slogging round the hills with a rucksack and mountaineering boots, in the company of a hyperactive friend who’s in the Forces. Oh, the company I keep! Beyond that, my racing calendar intentionally winds down (two other events) as expedition preparation picks up, ready for Aconcagua in mid December!


Roll on the good times.


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