It’s been a whole five days since I was at the airport. Tonight I’m flying to Guernsey for the Granite Man triathlon, a half Ironman distance event.


Unfortunately, when doing a lot of flying and little sleeping, it’s easy to get run down and catch bugs off fellow passengers, which is what has happened to me. It’s just a cold, but it has come at a rather inopportune time, leaving me lethargic and aching. I’m flying out and shall see how I recover by Sunday morning.

The Granite Man has only 110 entrants doing the middle distance course, so it will be a small field. The reason should hold off and temperature will be a comfortable 11-14c.

Fingers crossed I have a speedy recovery!

Keep going!

3 thoughts on “Next stop, Guernsey!

  1. How is the Scicon bag holding up? I rented one in June, bike got there safely, the bag however lost 2 of its wheels, I’m considering buying one, just saw your pic and thought I’d ask! Good luck with your race, I’ve got a 70.3 next weekend, can’t wait

    • Good question. Both the bag and bike made it in good condition. One thing I like about this particular bag is that there is minimum reassembly required (no pedals to replace, etc). Not bad for a freebie!

      Good luck for your race!

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