I am recovering now, convalescing slowly, if you would. Here’s what happened:

  • Saturday: buy Millet Everest boots, chuck heavy backpack on, plod up nearest hill.
  • Sunday: Rest, sort kit.
  • Monday: Gym session- treadmill, intensive core exercise, treadmill, spinning, swimming.
  • Tueday: 7 mile off-road run.
  • Wednesday: Gym session- treadmill, intensive TRX body workout, treadmill, spinning.
  • Thursday: Gym session- treadmill, intensive core exercise, treadmill, spinining, swimming.
  • (Good) Friday: Party hard, feel smug.
  • Saturday: Hill walking in Peak District, 8 miles, 26 kilo pack. Party.
  • Sunday: Hill walking in Peak District, 13 miles, 2400 feet ascent, 26 kilo pack. Oww, my knee hurts from 8 miles in on the descent.
  • Monday: Rest, feel sorry for myself.
  • Tuesday: 6 mile mixed terrain run, knee hurts after sprinting.
  • Wednesday: Rest, feel sorry for myself.
  • Thursday: See physio, swim. Oww, my knee hurts after 40 lengths (800m). Hurts to walk.
  • Friday: Rest, feel sorry for myself.
  • Saturday: Rest, feel sorry for myself.
  • Sunday: Rest, feel sorry for myself.
  • Monday:  Rest, feel sorry for myself.
  • Tuesday: See physio again. Walk a flat 6 miles with 15 kilo pack, ever so slowly.
  • Wednesday: Rest, feeling better.

In a nutshell, I pushed my training regime up too fast. Consequently, my body did not have time to adapt to the strain or to rest. The heavy pack weight over the weekend on the downhill strained my left knee, exacerbated by the longer hillier walk on Sunday. Two physios independent of each other confirmed that the anterior knee pain was caused by inflammation due to overuse.I have now learnt the hard way(!) that I need to increment my training gradually. Denali is looming just seven weeks away and I can’t afford any more slip ups.

This weekend I will be training with a fellow expedition member somewhere in North Wales or the Lake District, depending on weather. In preparation for that I will continue strengthening my leg muscles and stretching my leg muscles and tendons. I will also build up my back strength and should strength, as a lot of weigth gets channelled through my walking poles via my shoulders. Apart from preventing further knee injury, there are a whole raft of other issues I need to deal with on future walks, from preventing blisters when using my double boots to keeping sufficiently hydrated throughout. If all goes well, my next post will be less whiny and will contain more details of a successful training weekend.

Before I sign off, a quick shout out to the guys at 360 Extremes Expedition. Their blogging has kept me entertained and motivated as they go through similar trials and tribulations (nutrition, exercise, buying kit, training), but on a much larger scale and with way more cool adventures! Thanks guys! Check them out at http://360extremes.com/

Keep exploring!


2 thoughts on “Overtraining.. who would have thought it!

    • Yeah, I spent weeks trying on poorly fitting boots before deciding on the wider fit Millet Everests. I called Millet in France and they pointed me to Adventure Peaks in Ambleside, who sized me as a UK13.5! They are a double boot and are extremely comfortable!

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