Happy 2020 people!

The year started like most recent years have… Tired of the exceeded of the festive season and ready to get back to a training programme.
I touched down from Malaysia on Sunday morning, and was in the gym later the same day. Whilst on the treadmill I took time to reflect on some of my achievements from the previous year:
  1. Marathon PB (Murcia, January 2019)
  2. Haworth Hobble Ultra (Haworth, March 2019) [I DNFed on my last ultra and wanted to get ‘back in the saddle’ early in the year]
  3. Personal fastest London Marathon time (VLM, April 2019)
  4. Coached my second 10k distance runner to their PB (Race for Life in London, July 2019)
  5. 70.3 triathlon PB (Outlaw X, September 2019)
  6. Set up my first trail running camp (Snowdonia, October 2019)
  7. London to Paris in 24 hours cycle (October 2019)
  8. Completed my first Migu Skyrunning race [~24km, ~2200m ascent] (Limone sul Garda, October 2019)
  9. Led bike rides within the UK, as well as from the UK to France and Belgium (April and December 2019)
  10. 35th overall in [my 10th] Tatton Yule Yomp (Knutsford, December 2019)
  11. Rock climbed in Malaysia… this had been on my bucket list for years (Batu Caves, December 2019)
  12. Ran in both east and west Australia, Bahrain, Holland, Luxembourg, Malaysia (and I’m sure many other place)
  13. Met Sir Ian McKellen during one of the cycling events I was helping organise
  14. Visited four new countries, totalling 13 in 2019
So, with that list out in the open, what shall I do this year?!
Early season ultra (EnduranceLife Anglesey, January 2020
My 3rd London marathon (VLM, April 2020)
A return to mountaineering and rock climbing… Moutn Kenya, technical ascent from the north side (August 2020)
As always, I’m sure my calendar shall bulk out soon. I need a couple of ‘B’ races in preparation for the London Marathon, and I’ll need a fair bit of technical rock climbing to be squeezed in before Kenya. And that’s just the first half of the year!
Whatever your 2020 goals are, keep working hard to achieve them!

Where will the road take you in 2020? (A dirt road in John Forrest National Park, Western Australia, December 2019)