Last weekend was Revolve24 at Brand’s Hatch, a popular motor circuit not far south from London. There were competitors doing 6/12/24 hour endurance events comprising as many laps of the circuit as possible, either as teams or as individuals.

I was there as.part of a two man team doing the six hour event, as well as cheering on a couple of the 24 hour teams.

Riders await the countdown to the six hour endurance event

The firat hill may not look like much the first time round, but trust me it looks steeper the longer you’ve been cycling!

Teams had access to garages and rider changeovers were done in the pitlane. I didn’t win any prizes overall, but within my club my team won a prize for most laps completed. Overall, a great day and a novel race concept.

A third medal in eight days!

Keep those legs spinning!


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