It’s been almost two weeks since the Land’s End to John o’Groats bike ride I organised and led completed, with all riders arriving at the finish in one piece (despite 35c heat, wind and rain, punctures, slashed sidewalls, broken rear mech hangars, bent disc brakes and one high speed crash).

Bikes ready to roll as a storm approaches Dalwhinnie

It took my body a couple of days to unwind after the physical effort – I found myself bounding up London Underground escalators two steps a time, and was eating every couple of hours, as I had grown accustomed to doing in the preceding week. By the Friday I was back at spin class, and Saturday marked my first outdoor run in months.

City meets nature at Walthamstow Wetlands

This week I had intended to start back into all three triathlon disciplines, but I have picked up an ear infection, so am staying out of the water for a few more days. In lieu of swimming, I’ve starting brick training, and today did an impromptu 20 mile test run (which I last did back in January, and do every once in a while to test the legs and cardiovascular system). Given that my last outdoor run was 7 miles a week ago, I was pleasantly surprised by how my planned 14 mile run didn’t phase me, leading me to o add a loop of Walthamstow Wetlands before taking a circuitous route back to build up to 20 miles. I definitely felt stronger than I did at the 20 mile mark at my last marathon (Helsinki) If I didn’t have evening commitments, I feel that I could have kept going at a similar pace up to 22 or 26 miles, but that would be unnecessary within my training plan.

Fingers crossed I can get some distance in the water next week onwards: less than a month till Ironman Wales!

Keep pushing your limits

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