Last weekend saw me book some last minute fights and find my way up to Glasgow International airport in Scotland. I had entered the Great Scottish Run: a half marathon through the city and parks of Glasgow. The air was cold as I hopped off the plane, barely above freezing, and I started to wonder whether I had packed appropriate running at higher for the following day.

On a rainy Sunday morning, I crossed the start line on George Square, and quickly got into a rhythm.

I kept comparing my piece to the last race I did, which was the Great North Run. I ran based on my heart rate, and this time I made sure that I had more energy gels to avoid a slump later in the race.

My stats indicate my race was run more consistently than the last, and despite the cold wet weather, I still finished within 10 seconds of my last half marathon time. I only wish it was ten seconds faster, and not slower!

The next day I hopped on another even smaller plane, heading to the North West of England to squeeze in some trail running before my next trail half marathon race in a few days!

Keep running



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