Today is a rest day at Base Camp, on Aconcagua, and I’ve spent most of the day packing for our push up the mountain. Unfortunately there is a low pressure front that will bring 130kmph winds to the summit on 31st December (and 115kmph winds to Camp 3). This has led to us revising our plan: we shall move up the mountain quickly spending one night at each of the three camps, and descending safely before the winds batter us and our tents.

My concern with the plan is that if anyone on the expedition struggles to acclimatise, they won’t have the opportunity to spend an extra day lower down, so they will effectively miss the summit window. The weather is due to improve by 2nd January, but that would require us to stay at Base Camp or Camp 1 until then (due to the wind), which is too long a wait.

Fingers crossed that everyone on the expedition gets to Camp 3 and gets an opportunity to summit. If all goes to plan, I’ll be celebrating New Year’s Eve back here at Base Camp.

Happy new year!

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