Yesterday held much excitement for me: I ran with Kilian Jornet (for a short diatance!) as he successfully smashed the speed ascent record on Aconcagua. I also summited the neighbouring Bonete Peak (5004 metres) as an acclimatisation exercise and ran back down the scree slopes to Base Camp. Additionally the improving weather front brought sunshine to Base Camp throughout the afternoon.

Today I donned a sparkly Santa hat and set off to Camp 1 from Base Camp doing a load carry, again in beautiful weather. After another speedy descent down scree slopes (3 hours up, 24 minutes down) I freshened up and settled in to a sunny afternoon around Base Camp, lounging around in shorts, t-shirt and flip flops. The beers with friends in the mess tent with music blaring in the background were a bonus! Is this an expedition or a sunshine holiday?!

Tomorrow is Christmas for most of the world, but our exped team will be doing a load carry from Base Camp to Camp 2. Fingers crossed all goes well so we can get back to more chilling out at Base Camp!

Merry Christmas!

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