This post was delayed in being posted by a week, so apologies that it is a bit outdated…

I should be in Transylvania right now, but I am somehow I find myself in England, having recently spun off the motorway on the way to Luton airport. The weather was atrocious and the rear wheel drive lost traction on a snowy patch of the motorway, skidded sideways across all three lanes, narrowly avoiding other road users, before finally planting itself in/under the crash barrier at speed. I don’t think I’ll see that car again…

So, that excitement now over, I have several days free to do what I please (albeit without my own transport). On Sunday I spectated at the Wilmslow half marathon 2013, as I know a few of the runners. I admit, in a carefree moment on Saturday evening I emailed the event organiser to check whether there were any late availability places, but was told no. Inspired by watching the thousands running in the cold, I retired to my gym and pool to do some running and more specifically, swim training.

Big respect to all the runners of the Wilmslow Half Marathon, the marshals and event organisers for braving the cold, keeping it safe and putting on a great show.

Keep running

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