Bună Ziua! That’s ‘good day’ in Romanian. Why am I learning basic Romanian phrases? Because I’ve just finalised plans for my next excursion: this time trail running and (weather permitting) mountain biking in Romania.

I have a few days off and I wanted to do something active, and hopefully a bit sunnier than England. I thought about a triathlon camp in Lanzarote or Mallorca. I looked at free diving in Turkey or Malta. I thought about cycling from Bahrain to Qatar. I wanted to explore the mountains and unique ecosystem of Salalah in Oman. I considered a colder break to Iceland (I was recently invited to the Icelandic Embassy in London to listen to a couple of presentations on the Icelandic OMM and Fire and Ice ultra). Then finally I stumbled across the idea of running in the unspoilt countryside of Transylvania in winter. Buoyed by a glowing recommendation from friends, the idea of staying in locals’ houses, on the hillside with no roads to the properties, eating local produce and learning about the country whilst negotiating its mountains and valleys really appealed. Don’t get me wrong: some of the other ideas are now firmly on my tick list, but by the weekend I’ll be deep in the land of Vlad the Impaler 🙂

I shall let you know how I get on!

Keep exploring

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