I’ve been fortunate enough to get away to Cyprus for a week in the sun and have had a great time exploring a small portion of the island. I hired a 4WD vehicle to cover ground from Paphos up past Coral Bay to the Akamas peninsula, then back inland via Polis and the Adonis Falls. It was easy to stick to a low carb diet in Cyprus as the local diet had plenty of salads, meat and fish to keep me full – my favourite dishes were the simplest freshly caught fish grilled and served with a wedge of lemon and a drizzle of oil.

This trip wasn’t supposed to be an outdoors adventure, but just driving and walking around some of the less touristy parts of the island for a few hours revealed its outdoor potential to me.

Beautiful coast that’s accessible by 4WD, on bikes or by foot if you’re happy running in the heat.

Watch your step when you see this sign…


9 euro entry to these relatively small falls, but there are some trails in the hills that start from here that have great potential and there is a handy plunge pool to cool off in after!

Lizards are everywhere. Apparently there are two venomous species of snakes native to the island, but fortunately I did not encounter either on my travels!

Keep exploring!


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