Every now and then, I hit a wall. A psychological one that leaves me thinking it’s easier not to go on down a particular path. Last month I found that barrier standing high as I struggled to find focus training without any particular events in the near future.

I’m signed up for the Athens Classic Marathon in November, followed by a Tough Mudder the following weekend, but a few weeks of good food and drink following my return from Denali left me unmotivated to train for events which are months away… Until yesterday! Yesterday I bit the bullet and signed up for the Tatton Triathlon (Sprint distance). It’s in two and a half weeks and will require me to lose my summer party belly pronto!

Work is busy at the moment, so no long distance cycles to build up my legs. Also, no time for long training weekends and a gradual tapering before the event. This is going to be an intense couple of weeks to give me a fighting chance of a respectable time!

I’m tailoring interval training for cycling and running, plus utilising the different triathlon disciplines to my advantage: swimming to focus on good breathing, running to get the most out of short training sessions, and short sharp spin sessions to really work my legs without putting my knees through too much pressure. I’ll be training two days on, one day resting or doing recovery exercise, with a two day rest before the event. I’m cutting down my meal sizes, but I’m not going to cut out anything entirely before the event so as to not shock my body… The training will be shocking enough!

Taking into consideration some treadmill interval training I did last week, things are coming along nicely. Today I did a brick session involving spinning then cycling, then a half mile swim in the pool. The best part of all is that I’ve already got my motivation back and can’t wait for tomorrow’s session!

If anyone’s interested in the specifics of the crammed training regime, let me know and I’ll post details!

Keep training!

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