In two days’ I will have touched town in Chicago, en route to Anchorage, then to Talkeetna and finally on to the Kahiltna glacier. Hard to believe since my bags are not even packed and I still haven’t got all my auxiliary pieces of kit! Packing has been interesting- ensuring that I don’t forget any items and that everything is in the right place. A top tip that I was given was to carry my helmet and boots in hand luggage. I always carry my helmet in hand luggage so I know it hasn’t been subject to impact in the hold. The boots idea was new to me- the thought process being that almost every other item can be replaced at short notice, but the boots are the one item that are hard to source and break in before the expedition in case the hold luggage goes missing.

I spent a few hours over the weekend making some awesome rip-stop bags to put various items in. My personal favourite is a double-stitched roll mat cover to keep snow from getting caught in the roll mat on the outside of my rucksack. That weighs a measly 35g, the same weight as a bin bag, but is much more durable.

I had meant to write up more kit reviews prior to setting off, but I shall save that for my return once everything has been tested on the expedition. So far my favourite kit has to be the MSR Evo Ascent snow shoes; running through fresh snow has never been so satisfying!

I went for a short 6 mile run last night cross country. My legs have recovered well from training, with over a week of rest. The reports fromDenaliare mixed- some people making good progress, others being denied a chance at the summit by 45mph winds above the Headwall. It’s hard to believe that this expedition has been nine months in the making!

Keep exploring!



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