It was a delight to finish the three peaks challenge well under the 24 hour mark! Things that I learnt:

  • Try to get vehicle with plenty of space- you’ll sleep better and be able to eat/drink/re-pack on the move. We lost time taking boots and clothes on and off at several places.
  • Get a good sat nav… And set the correct postcodes! (I woke up with the navigator confused as to why there were no mountains at the destination!)
  • Factor in contingency time. Unexpected things happen.
  • Don’t eat bad dodgy food! Service station greasy fried chicken did not go down well halfway into the challenge.
  • Pack plenty of water. You will need to stay hydrated.
  • Pack a change of clothes and some deodorant. Descending Snowdon, I could smell the light fragrant scent of people’s clothing who were ascending. My conclusion was that my group smelled rather bad!
  • Give yourself designated breaks and stick to them. It’s easy to give yourself a longer break than planned or slow down. One of our group slowed his pace down to engage a lass when we were trying to make up time descending Ben Nevis. He didn’t even get her number. Shame.

Hope this list helps someone 🙂


Keep climbing!


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