Morning all!

One week till the OMM 2011 and after months of preparation and deliberation about kit, I am still not ready. The colder weather has prompted me to pack a lightweight balaclava instead of a hat and I have yet to receive the freeze-dried food that I ordered days ago from Expedition Foods.  My backup food plan invovles Ainsley Harriott couscous, Cup a Soups and salami.

Tomorrow my OMM partner is coming up so we can discuss tactics. We’ve only run together once and I have know idea who’s going to be fitter or the more competent navigator. I picked up some good fundamentals at the Plas-y-Brenin OMM Training course last month. Some strategies that we’ll be covering:

  • navigating using attack points
  • avoiding using bearings where possible
  • running up valley and down spurs
  • thumbing the map
  • light bag/heavy bag* (alternating who carries the heavier one)
  • staying together (I’ve seen videos of pro teams tethered with a 2m bungee!)
  • running at the pace of the slowest runner
  • storing food in your partner’s pack for easy access
  • feeding the navigator* (they’ll have their hands full and won’t be thinking of food)
  • reading the map correctly
  • not relying on water features on maps

*The navigator expends 10-20% more energy than the non-navigator, therefore giving them the lighter bag and keeping them hydrated and fed is important

None of the above is particularly complicated but it should be good getting this engrained a week before the event. Will let you know how we get on.

Off bouldering now!


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